The HFGirl

Hey there 🙂

For short, my name is Ana, I’m a spoiled-not-so-little-girl from Portugal and currently living in Switzerland with “Gatinho”, my beloved and my everything! 🙂

I’m *almost* finished with my course – only the thesis to go, and I’ll have my Master in Veterinary Medicine, my childhood dream 😀 Still writing it though -_-‘


The reason I started this blog is because I wanted to make myself accountable… so why not do it to the world?! Besides, I’ve been through a LOT with body image, and I realized the same way many bloggers helped me with their stories, how they overcame their eating disorders, and has worked for them, I decided to share mine, and what’s working for me. I say what’s working, because I’m still not over it… at all.

But I’ll give little steps… and every single day, I know I’m closer to my dream: to finally feel healthy and fit! The feeling of leaving the scale behind and just be the best version possible, not worrying all the time about what I eat and what not to eat, know how to exercise and for the good feeling it gives and living!

For now, this is it!! I’ll keep this post updated 😉


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I Won't let It Eat Me

My road to ED Recovery

Healthy and Fit Living - From Portugal to Switzerland

I want to share my weight loss story, post anorexia/bulimia/binge eating/orthorexia disorders and, (re)starting now, show my whole journey to you, so I can finally be through it all!

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