The day just started and I haven’t stoped!! Breaky eaten… cake in the making…and preparing myself *mentally* I’m gonna exercise in a hour and half – even though I’m sore from yesterday!!

And I’ve already started reading stuff for the thesis! (@ the morning, that’s rare)! And I FEEL like doing it!! Just thinking about finishing it, and the presentation, and finally being a vet makes me sooooo excited!! 😀

Well, still have to make a few things around the house; I’ll probably only upload stuff in the morning here, as that’s the “me” time I have – time for cooking, gaming (yes, I also like it), reading healthy stuff, and now, uploading my blog aswell 🙂

Tchiau!! =)


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I Won't let It Eat Me

My road to ED Recovery

Healthy and Fit Living - From Portugal to Switzerland

I want to share my weight loss story, post anorexia/bulimia/binge eating/orthorexia disorders and, (re)starting now, show my whole journey to you, so I can finally be through it all!

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