The day just started and I haven’t stoped!! Breaky eaten… cake in the making…and preparing myself *mentally* I’m gonna exercise in a hour and half – even though I’m sore from yesterday!!

And I’ve already started reading stuff for the thesis! (@ the morning, that’s rare)! And I FEEL like doing it!! Just thinking about finishing it, and the presentation, and finally being a vet makes me sooooo excited!! 😀

Well, still have to make a few things around the house; I’ll probably only upload stuff in the morning here, as that’s the “me” time I have – time for cooking, gaming (yes, I also like it), reading healthy stuff, and now, uploading my blog aswell 🙂

Tchiau!! =)


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<a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

(Re)starting my life anew


Just an introdutory post as I’m still not finished with cleaning the house =P

I’ve decided to do this as a way to keep myself accountable, and really commit to change my life.

I won a battle against weight when I was 14 years old and 25Kg overweight. With that, came anorexia… followed by bulimia, because I just loved to eat, but couldn’t stand the fact I would/could gain weight… I tried healthy living, but entered orthorexia – so bad, I’de refuse to eat what my mommy cooked.

Now? Now, I have binge eating disorder, but slowly trying to change my mind to mindful eating (though, sometimes, stress, boreness and diet rules come to the surface) and working my a$$ off 5 days a week (or trying to commit to it) as I try to get healthier, leaner and stronger than I ever been.

Now – I’m gonna finish the cleaning around here! Should be working on my Master’s thesis, but well… it’s not one day that’s gonna ruin everything. And besided, how can you REALLY work when the environment you’re in is in a mess?! …Right, thought so 😉

See ya! xoxo

I Won't let It Eat Me

My road to ED Recovery

Healthy and Fit Living - From Portugal to Switzerland

I want to share my weight loss story, post anorexia/bulimia/binge eating/orthorexia disorders and, (re)starting now, show my whole journey to you, so I can finally be through it all!